Weeknote 8

Thursday 12th January, 2023

We spent the weekend in North Wales, where my other half is from, at a wedding and visiting friends and family. It’s a beautiful part of the world, and I particularly enjoyed our time on the beach. My daughter has been talking about flying a kite for ages so she got to try that for the first time, which was very exciting for her and me too tbh. I am increasingly around ‘outdoors people’ with all the gear. I wonder if I will ever be an outdoors person.

As I did a lot of driving this past week, I’ve listened to the radio a lot. BBC 6 Music was particularly good as they were doing off-playlist days focusing on a decade. Turns out if you let DJs and listeners choose the music it is better than what they usually play. Tom Ravenscroft played Big Black and Nitzer Ebb while I drove down the A1, which was rousing.

It’s my first day back at university today, and I am starting a module on Education Policy which I am already totally nerding out about. I have a relatively long view of education compared to many of my classmates, being older and having trained to be a teacher in 2006-07. Many of them were born in 2001. Yes, really. And I’ve just realised I could have literally taught them when they were at primary school 🪦 RIP me.