Weeknote 7

Thursday 5th January, 2023

I’ll begin with some reflections on 2022, which was a very positive year for me.

I began consulting/contracting, and in almost every respect, it exceeded my expectations. There was a period from August to October where I took on too much work, and I ended the year feeling pretty run down, but I think I’ve learned my lesson on that.

We moved to St Neots, Cambridgeshire in April 2021 and have been unhappy with our childcare, but since September this year, we’ve had an incredible childminder looking after our daughter. I am so thankful to her and glad to get rid of the indescribable stress of leaving your child with people you don’t entirely trust three days a week.

In September I started my Masters. I have wanted to do a Masters since I completed my undergrad (in 2006), so it is great to be in the position, financially, to do it. I love using my brain in this way again, and whilst I’ve found aspects of the course very frustrating, overall, I am extremely glad I am doing it and I’ve found ways to compensate for the course’s narrow perspective by reading independently.

I am also pleased that we ended 2022 with a plan about where to live in the longer term. Small town Cambridgeshire has never felt right to us, despite it being incredible having family nearby. We’ve swung back and forth on our options (London, Margate, London, Cambridge, St Neots) before settling on Cambridge. There are still some hurdles to get over, but all being well, this Summer, we’ll be moving there.

Overall in 2022 I figured out how to get un-stuck. I started the year feeling doomed to live in a boring town with bad childcare and schools, and like I had to do the conventional thing (have another kid, buy a house in the ‘burbs), but now I see there is a different path that is a better match for my family and me.

Since my last weeknotes we’ve had Christmas, with my sister and her family visiting from Malaysia, a low key New Years, and a lot of lovely relaxing family time doing nothing. I had an ear infection accompanying me throughout Christmas which wasn’t great. I felt like I could do with another couple of weeks off tbh, so I’ll try and schedule some in as soon as I can.

My main ambition for 2023 is to find some exercise to do in the colder, rainier months. In the summer I cycle every day and feel great but in the winter I always get fatter and creakier. Perhaps I should be a cliche member of the PMC and get a Peloton.