Weeknote 6

Tuesday 20th December, 2022

This past week I’ve had either a super bad cold or a mild flu. Having had COVID just a month or so ago, it was quite surprising for the whole family to be wiped out again so quickly.

The vibe when I had COVID was high brow and I read loads whereas this flu required no brain cells. I watched Season 2 of My Unorthodox Life which is WILD. Haart’s delusion is fascinating. She was clearly a tokenistic CEO put in place by her billionaire husband so to attempt to shape the narrative into one of self-made girl boss success is, uh, creative. It’s hilarious she tried to fight her (now ex) husband for 50% of the company and lost. I bet she knows somewhere deep down that she traded one patriarch for another.

We finally started watching Season 2 of The White Lotus and it is just as good as Season 1. Mike White is so incredible at creating characters that are archetypes, but not caricatures, of our time. This and Succession are the only excellent shows on TV right now.

We’ve finally decided on a plan about where to live and send our daughter to school. We’ve had moments where we were convinced we needed to move back to London, and times when we thought it was easier to stay here (in a small Cambridgeshire town), but we’ve decided to move to Central-ish Cambridge. We’ll necessarily need to live somewhere smaller (Cambridge is pricey) but being able to walk and cycle around a small city with all the people, culture, and amenities that brings is going to be perfect for us.