Weeknote 5

Tuesday 13th December, 2022

I think this will be a quick one this week as I am writing this from my freezing new car that is currently charging. Less than one week into EV ownership and today I learnt that the advertised ‘public’ (private) charger speeds are a lie. It’s -2°C outside and it says I’ve got 1hr 46mins left until full. This is meant to be a fast one! 🥶

It’s been a stressful week to be completely honest. As is the case with these things, I’ve had several tricky things converge into the same period of time: uni deadlines, client deadlines, everyone being sick. I started the week knowing I had four challenges to get through, and I have done three of the four things already so it feels good to be nearly over these hurdles, closer to Christmas and two weeks of annual leave.

There has been some lovely moments in our illness-riddled, stress headache, messy house. We spent the entire weekend inside doing wholesome things like watching Christmas movies, building LEGO houses, and painting pictures. Also, it snowed and my daughter enjoyed throwing snowballs at me! She has been really chill recently; it’s been like hanging with a much more grown-up kid. I have found the toddler/pre-school stage intensely stressful so it feels good to know we are coming through it but also sad as so many of my friends tell me they miss the little cuddly versions of their kids.