Weeknote 4

Tuesday 6th December, 2022

A gig

Last Tuesday evening I went out to see one of my best friends play at the Moth Club. She’s the drummer in Ghum, who are a really excellent all-woman gothy post-punk band. It was so invigorating to be out with a group of friends at a gig for the first time in probably 3 years. So wild that something I used to do multiple times a week in my teens and 20s has become such a rarity.

EdTech and the climate crisis

On Thursday I attended an incredible talk by Neil Selwyn at UCL Knowledge Lab. His talk was called ‘Rethinking EdTech for an Age of Climate Crisis’. In it, he posited that we need to radically rethink digitalised education in light of impending climate breakdown and eco-compromised futures. I think Selwyn and I are basically on the same sociological wavelength (degrowth, big EdTech scepticism) so it was validating in the way that hearing someone articulate your poorly formed thoughts in a well-formed way is. The fact he also mentioned Ivan Illich and Raspberry Pi, and there were so many people in the room I’ve worked with on various projects, made me feel like this event was fated and the ideas that are crystallising as a result of it will be a big part of my future. Getting a bit woo-woo in my old age, soz.

Transport (and the climate crisis)

In the summer our town is pretty great to cycle around, but the poor infrastructure + dark + cold makes it extremely unappealing in winter. Last winter we pretty much stopped cycling as our default transport and this winter is following the same pattern. As a result, we are much more reliant on our car since we live a ~30-minute walk away from the train station (for access to London) and bus stops (for access to Cambridge), and have to get our daughter across town to her childminder 4 days a week. Our car is on its last legs so we’re going to use an electric car subscription service to get us through the winter. On Friday we are getting a Peugeot e-208 delivered. I am nervous about French cars (all petrol heads seem to hate them) but it was the only in-stock option in our price range. The subscription service suits us right now, as I don’t really want to own a car and, in 2023, we’ll hopefully move nearer to public transport so that next winter we won’t need to rely on a car at all 🤞