Weeknote 3

Tuesday 29th November, 2022

This past week has been time for family and friends: dinner with some pals I don’t see enough, my auntie and uncle visiting from Spain, attending my friends’ one year old’s birthday party, going to see our town’s Christmas lights being switched on. It’s been fun but I am tired. I still feel out of practice socialising post-lockdowns and am starting to wonder if I’ll ever go back ‘to normal’. I enjoy retreating into my atomised introverted little bubble. No one talk to me.

We went to see a school in our town for my daughter that I actually kind of liked. It seemed very joyful and the children and teachers all smiled a lot. It also had a beautiful outdoor area, with woodland, an area that had been rewilded, bunnies, and a large veggie patch. Other than that it was quite a standard school in terms of the way they implement the curriculum, and I spotted traffic light behaviour systems in the classrooms and children in a small group practicing a SATS test. I think this school is probably the best version of a mainstream school you can get. I still couldn’t picture my daughter there somehow! I so wish there were more progressive schools around.

After a bit of back and forth with my tutor I’ve got the green light for my essay topic and have been encouraged to pursue my interest in Ivan Illich. I am very relieved as I get the sense that Illich is quite unfashionable (dead white men are, it seems). My next university task is to make a poster version of my essay to present to my tutors and peers. I’ve learnt an academic poster goes against everything you’ve ever learnt about posters. Cram as much information on it as possible! Make sure it’s impossible to read unless you are right next to it! I am considering doing it cut and paste zine style as I know making it on a piece of software will drive me crazy.